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Ordinary Member

Membership of the Society shall be open to all Singaporean.

An individual person can apply for Ordinary Membership of the Society.

Applicant shall:
(a) have attained the age of sixteen years;
(b) be of good character;
(c) be a citizen of Singapore or Permanent Resident of Singapore;
(d) not be legally or mentally disabled;
(e) not be an undischarged bankrupt; and
(f) not be convicted of an offence punishable with imprisonment..

Associate Member

The Committee of Management may admit Associate Members of the Society. 

Associate Members shall not be eligible to vote or/and be elected in the Management Committee.



Application for membership shall be submitted on a form prescribed by Committee.

Admission to membership shall be considered by the Committee subject in the case of rejection, to an appeal to a general meeting. The Committee shall have power to accept or reject an application without assigning any reason.

The approval or rejection of any application shall be notified to such applicant without delay.

Member benefits
1. Have the right to vote and be elected as a committee representative.
2. Allow to borrow Harmonica related CDs, VCDs, magazines, books from our HAS
3. HAS Concert/ Seminor /Workshop /CD Sales ticket discount.
4. Enjoy free access to our harmonica workshops, concerts, beautiful Sunday
concerts at HAS Club House.
5. Have the opportunity to be sponsored to participate in the Asia Pacific Harmonica
Festival activities and competitions.
6. Discounted rates for participating in harmonica competitions and exams
organized by HAS.
7. Allow to register as a member in our website, to enjoy free viewing online Concert
in HAS Club house, our recorded Music Hall Concerts etc.
8. *Rent HAS venues for harmonica practice and training classes.

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