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Associate Groups of HAS

1.  Braddell Heights Community Club Harmonica Group  布莱德岭民众俱乐部口琴团

    Person-in-charge: Eddy Ooi email:

2. Fabulous Harmonica Ensemble 荟萃口琴重奏团

    Person-in-charge: Simon Leung email: contact: 9338 7373

3. HNHK Harmonica Orchestra 海南会馆口琴乐团

    Person-in-charge:  Tay Boon Seng (郑文成) email: contact: 9452 6452

4. Jurong Spring Community Club Harmonica Ensemble 裕泉民众俱乐部口琴团

    Person-in-charge: Jenny Ho email:

5. Singapore Broadway Harmonica Ensemble 新加坡大路口琴重奏团

    Person-in-charge: Boh Teck Keong (莫德锦) email: contact: 9822 9150

6. Star Harmonics Trio 星乐口琴三重奏

    Person-in-charge: Lee Chin Wah (李志华)email: contact: 9848 8583

7. The First Harmonica Ensemble 新艺口琴重奏团

    Person-in-charge: Eddy Ooi email:

8, Studio 8 Harmonica Group 八琴韵室口琴团

    Person-in-charge: Lim Hong Kian email: contact: 9729 7359

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